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Why Big Tech Wants You To Ditch Your Password CNBC Jan 2020
Patch it up and keep on rolling is the modus operandi of political leaders. The fact of life that increase in crime necessitates increases in internet security leads us all into the Mark of the Beast, however unwilling leaders might be. Internet security is symptomatic of the crime driving those security measures. So increased security is a direct metric of that crime, and broad acceptance of biometricIDs is proof that society has broadly failed to accept God's standards of behaviour, as our way of life, detailed at and That's a plausible rationale for why accepting the Mark of the Beast is acceptance of Satan's finite way of life over God's infinite biblical way of life and standards of behaviour. If we accept the Mark of the Beast biometricID, (yet to come in it's final form), and cashless cryptocurrency, then we've effectively resigned our fate to finite failures, (patch it up and keep on rolling), in our way of life or standards of behaviour, and can't be saved.
With cashless cryptocurrency growing in popularity, and with the genetic revolution being embraced by large nations, the final biometricID is only a play away.
Large nations might address the problem of mobile phones using a biometricID -- and soon to follow mark of the beast -- by developing a version of (open source) Android, in collaboration with foss community and an agreeable phone supplier, that only uses a local version of 2 Factor Authentication (based at their phone company), and not fingerprint or facial recognition, (or soon to emerge DNA biometrics). Also search youtube for secure Android and GrapheneOS. Google Authenticator from Google Play Store works well too.
We can improve on proof of identity without adopting a biometricID by using 2 Factor Authentication, where our phone company uses our PIN and Google Authenticator to authenticate phone based transactions. A smartphone can be purchased for $79 now - , and a small learning curve is better than a biometricID with privacy and spiritual issues. A smartphone also needs to install and simply setup AutoStart app then start NoRoot Firewall or better, from Play Store, to protect the PIN and Google Authenticator from hacking attempts.

There's a reason that collection of DNA sequences is already occuring, by certain businesses and legal agents, because they're intent on globally ID'g everyone regardless of privacy and spiritual concerns.

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